Christmas Movie Marathon – Day 12 ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

On day 12 of the Christmas Movie Marathon Ms Katykins was REALLY sick. It was miserable. I was so unwell that by the time I started to feel better, I almost felt amazing!

It's a Wonderful Life

When I select the Christmas flick each day I go with what feels right. I think that’s the best way to do it. My very unhappy gut that day seemed to warm to the idea of watching James Stewart and the beautiful Donna Reed in this American classic. I have to admit I’ve not always been a fan of this film. In fact, last year was the first time I’d watched it since I was a teenager. I’d only seen it once prior to that and a hot summer’s day probably wasn’t the best time to do it. Here’s something controversial: both times I’ve rewatched it I’ve indulged in the remastered colour version. Love these styles or not, I think they’ve done a great job with this film.

I’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t know what this story was about. But just in case you don’t, here’s a quick run down. Due to a series of family obligations as well as having a crisis of conscience, George Bailey puts his own life and dreams on hold until it seems like he can never pursue his own desires. At a relatively young age he finds himself tied down to a wife and three lovely children, stifled by an ailing family business which deals in finance and a crippling economy he’s always strived to provide for his family and the community. Understandably, as people are liable to do, he reaches his breaking point and begins to feel that life is no longer worth the hassle. It loses all positive meaning for him.

This is as much an historical trip as an emotional one. The Great Depression and then World War 2 feature heavily in the backdrop of the story. Indeed, financial crises are at the heart of the issues here. It’s not too dissimilar to ‘A Christmas Carol’, but rather than adopt the negative qualities of Scrooge, Bailey is a man who becomes pissed off about being the good guy and feels a bit hard done by. It takes the influence of Clarence the angel played by Henry Travers to help Bailey realise what a positive impact he has had on so many different people throughout his own life. The end of the film is truly heart warming as we see an entire community flock together to demonstrate their respect and their thankfulness to a family that have always shown nothing other than real selflessness and compassion. After all, it’s important to remember that George Bailey isn’t the only good guy in this film – he has a very understanding, giving wife and great friends as well. If you haven’t seen it? Why haven’t you seen it? If the answer is because it’s cheesy and you’re worried it’s overrated, ignore your doubts and grab for a copy quickly as it’s guaranteed to fill you with festive cheer!

Product Placement. Here’s the question? Can anyone think of a film that Coca-Cola had more advertising in? It’s quite astonishing!

Ms Katykins :)

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11 responses to “Christmas Movie Marathon – Day 12 ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’

  • Jilanne Hoffmann

    Our friends named their daughter Zuzu in honor of this film. One of them is a sign language specialist, so they thought it is also a really cool name to sign. Give it a try, and you’ll see what they mean. Other than that, my favorite version (that I haven’t seen since I was a kid) of this story stars Marlo Thomas and Cloris Leachman, It’s also been a long time since I’ve seen the Jimmy Stewart version, maybe because his manner of talking really bothers me. Or maybe it’s just because I’m too busy watching It’s Christmas, Charlie Brown! or How the Grinch Stole Christmas, my two all-time favorites.

  • Jilanne Hoffmann

    Oh, and I forgot to mention the Alistair Sim’s version (1951) of A Christmas Carol. I loved being scared of the ghosts and of the doorknocker that talks to Scrooge.

    • mskatykins

      I haven’t seen the Charlie Brown Christmas! :( And I totally know what you mean about Jimmy Stewart. I avoided watching his films for years because his voice bothers me… I think I’ve been too harsh on him.

      I’ve tried to work out the signing for Zuzu (such a cool name) but I’m sure I look like an idiot to anyone passing by my window, lol. I realised that the British sign language alphabet is probably different to the US one, so I propose you make a video tutorial…! ;)

      • Jilanne Hoffmann

        I’m not high tech enough to make and post a video, so I’ll try to describe it: You take your pointer finger and quickly draw a “Z” in the air moving only your one finger, then hold your pointer and middle fingers close together straight up (as if you were saying you have two items) with your ring and pinky fingers held into your palm with your thumb. You make these two movements twice, Z-U-Z-U. Does that make sense?

      • mskatykins

        This makes perfect sense and, having just written out whilst looking at my reflection in the darkened window, I can tell you that Zuzu looks really cool in sign language! Thanks, Jilanne! :)

  • Jodie

    It’s a great film. I was watching a documentary on Christmas movies the other day and they showed the actress who played Zuzu as an adult.

    • mskatykins

      Wow, I bet that would have been interesting! Did she have fond memories of her experience? I remember watching a documentary about the real Von Trapp family who apparently don’t speak now… so sad! Merry Christmas Eve Eve! :)

      • Jodie

        She really liked working with Jimmy Stewart. The documentary was called A Night At The Movies: Merry Christmas, just in case you get the chance to see it.

        I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

      • mskatykins

        Fantastic, thanks Jodie, I shall certainly look out for that! So nice to hear that these people had a good experience. I hate it when you discover that it was all phony smiles.

        I did have a wonderful Christmas, thank you! Same to you, hope you’re eating lots of chocolate. :)

  • Andrew Petcher

    My favourite Christmas Film! No, that’s not true – it’s my favourite film!

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